GMT Luxembourg is a company founded in 1999 and specialised in the sale of telecoms & ICT services intended for companies.

    Backed by its expertise in consulting and systems integration, the company is recognised by the largest operators in the market. Its main objective is to provide, through exploratory projects, solutions to clients' requirements and problems in all fields related to telecoms and ICT.

  • « Simplify, connect, integrate »

    Particularly specialised in economic intelligence, GMT Luxembourg offers innovative solutions, in accordance with designated specifications, for improving connectivity and the transfer and sharing of information within the client company or in its relations with its own clients and suppliers.


Services / Products

We transform market complexity into simplicity for our clients, thanks to our various skills:

Some clients who have placed their trust in us


Backed by several years' experience and constantly increasing cooperation, we have developed partnerships with the main players in the telecoms and IT market.


WiMesh is a specialist networks company that offers expertise built on more than 20 years of experience. The company thus established itself in sectors such as cloud computing, video surveillance, telecommuting, Wi-Fi access points, telephony and, more generally, Information and Communication Technologies.
Whether it concerns an audit, project definition, a delivery, installation or maintenance, WiMesh will support you with genuine specialists. Wimesh: from design to implementation.


Dell is a supplier of IT solutions for all types of companies, from small businesses to the corporate sector. Through their numerous products (PCs, tablets, portables and software accessories, together with their solutions for storing and managing data, server virtualisation and network security) and their high-level expertise, Dell is able to supply the most comprehensive ICT solutions adapted to the requirements of each client.

Verizon Business

Verizon Business, a division of Verizon Communications (NYSE code: VZ), is one of the largest suppliers of advanced technological solutions in the field of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) intended for large companies and administrations throughout the world. Together with the largest international network, advanced technologies and specialised assistance resources, Verizon Business provides innovative and comprehensive operational solutions to its clients throughout the world.

Creative One

CreativeOne is a company that is specialised in new technologies related to telephony (traditional telephony and IP telephony), telecommunications and network infrastructures. CreativeOne provides advice and complete solutions to SMEs in the field of: fixed and mobile telephony systems, voicemail, IP telephony and the integration of telephony with IT.

Colt Telecom

When having information available is essential to the functioning of your company, COLT is the service provider adapted to your requirements. We go beyond purely technical considerations to take an overall look at the real requirements of your company. We review both the methods to be used to improve the progress of your company and the best way of reducing your costs.


Escaux is a company founded in 2003 that offers solutions covering "unified communication services" and customised open-source telephone exchanges. Escaux supplies its solutions throughout the world. Via its telephony platforms related to IT, networks and the sharing of data, Escaux can provide services adapted to all types of companies.

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